The oil crusher:
know-how and technology at the service of quality

We have been and will continue to be pioneers in the research and development of new technologies applied to extraction thanks to the collaboration with Pieralisi, a leading company in the construction of oil mills and pressing machines.

Early collection

We were among the first to understand that early harvesting and the pressing of the olives within a few hours of being picked from the trees are among the most important factors for the production of special oils. Our olives are harvested rigorously green, by hand,  in order to avoid damage to the fruit, and processed within very few hours.

The new hi-tech mill

In 2021 we gave life to a large project, the new oil mill, inside a large production plant that stands as an international reference point for the search for high-quality extra virgin olive oil. It is a technological marvel, unique in the world, created in collaboration with Pieralisi, the world leader in oil machines. Here, today, we can integrate our know-how and the passion that we put into our work with the very best technologies, some of which are developed with our contribution and experience.

Pieralisi - collaboration

We are convinced that the quality of the oil begins in the mill. Our land is generous, but it is our extraction experience that distinguishes us. We were born and raised inside oil mills when millstones were still used. We have experienced first-hand the evolution of the mechanical extraction processes, learning not only to know their strengths and weaknesses but also interpreting and adapting them to changes related to olive varieties and climatic factors. In the last twenty years, we have designed and developed alongside the world leader PIERALISI all the new technologies employed to extract extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. For this reason,we are always one step ahead of everyone else.

The optical selector

We are the first and only oil company in the world to have installed an infrared optical sorter that allows us to eliminate olives with defects, we always manage to obtain consistent and high-quality standards. For us, there are no difficult years or harvests.

The three extraction lines

We have a deep knowledge of the raw materials and know-how to adapt the right extraction technique for each type of olive. The characteristics of the fruit change according to the climatic conditions, the origin, the harvesting period and many other factors that make each olive unique and never standard. For this, we have differentiated the extraction lines. There are two, both in a controlled temperature environment for cold extraction, but different in the pressing, kneading and extraction method, so as to be able to choose the best solution based on the type of olives. The ongoing climate changes have made the years shorter and more variable. We know how to adapt the extraction processes to these sudden variations. The result is always an oil with an unmistakable fruitiness, with a subtle balance between bitterness and spiciness.

Controlled bottling

We obsessively check that our oil never comes into contact with oxygen, keeping its chemical and organoleptic characteristics intact. We keep it at a controlled temperature in stainless steel containers under pressure in nitrogen. Finally, we bottle it with ALFATECK's ELVIRA technology which allows packaging in sterile rooms.