Our history,
our identity

The mill, the house we grew up in

We have been olive growers and extra virgin olive oil producers in Sicily for over a century. We have been passing down tradition and the keys to success for over six generations. At each step of the way, we have gained valuable experience with the use of important technology and innovation.


Documents demonstrate how our family was already dedicated to the cultivation and care of olive trees in Chiaramonte Gulfi, an area where these trees have been growing spontaneously for millennia. Here one of the most celebrated DOP in the world was born. In that year, the Cutrera also managed a millstone for the transformation of local grapes into must.


Alongside the cultivation of olive trees, our activity as oil millers begins. The Cutrera family manages one of the oil mills of the large landowners in the area, and in the following decades they have been dedicating themselves to the milling of the olives with millstones, presses and the help of mules.


Giovanni, progenitor of the current family, thanks to his experience, decides to take the leap: with the help of his wife Maria, he opens his first oil mill, and makes it available to small and large olive producers in the area.


The family oil mill works and is also one of the largest in the area, so Giovanni decides to open a second oil mill. His children are now next to him: Maria, the eldest, Giusy, and Salvatore, the youngest, help him to look beyond the local market and focus on the production of high-quality oil. Thus becoming one of the promoters of the process for obtaining the DOP Hyblaean Mountains brand.


The company is now in the hands of Maria, Giusy and Salvatore who transform the small family mills into a modern and ambitious company, and the first recognition arrives: the prestigious Ercole Olivario competition awards our oil for the first time.It obtains first place, as a new product in the "intense fruity" category. It will be the first of over 650 awards won by our oils in the last 20 years.


The new generation, the sixth, the three brothers join the management team, they bring new lifeblood and energy and decide to diversify production: thus, the line of preserves Segreti di Sicilia (The Segrets of Sicily) recipes, "as it once was" is born, to celebrate the Sicilian gastronomic tradition.


The visionary approach and the awareness of always being able to improve, give life to another ambitious project, the construction (in 2021) of a new production plant with an ultra-technological mill, unique in the world, with the aim of making the activity more efficient while improving quality as well as minimizing its environmental impact.


Each day, we continue to consolidate results and look ahead, convinced that excellence is not a destination but a path of continuous growth. By collecting the precious legacy left by our predecessors, made up of principles, values ​​and knowledge, we continue the innovative work that allows us today to bring our oil from the Hyblaean Mountains to over 50 countries around the world.