Our preserves Segreti di Sicilia:
technology, tradition and excellent raw materials

We are not just using traditional Sicilian recipes. We are using family recipes: Many of the preserves that we sell all over the world under the label Segreti di Sicilia are based on the kitchen of our grandmother. The taste and sweet smells from our preservation plant have been with us since childhood days. But today technological innovation has increased the quality exponentially.

Segreti di Sicilia, our family secret

Our preserves Segreti di Sicilia are based on our love for the land and for our family. The sizzling of oil in a pan, the perfume of tomato sauce, the intensive aroma of basil pesto, the joy of marmalade on a piece of bread, the magic and warmth of olives fresh out of the oven... our preserves teem with recollections, emotions and flavor.

Today we prepare them with the same passion, with a few handselected local ingredients, in una modern preservation facility with over 1000 square meters and with technology of the latest generation that enables us to maintain the quality of the excellent raw materials.

Olive Oil Extra Virgin Cutrera:
The Special Ingredient

We select the best and simplest of the all the Sicilian recipes. Among the ingredients we use, all of them handselected for quality and derived from superior local producers, the most important one that makes all the difference is our olive oil EVO Cutrera.

Our extra virgin olive oil contains highly elevated levels of antioxidants that help best preserve the other ingredients. Its notes of green tomatoes and its bitter and sharp taste intensify the recipes Segreti di Sicilia.

We always look for the ideal oil to go with the preserve, to match the recipe and to enhance its taste. Hence the oil is much more than a simple conservant, its is a valuable ingredient in perfect harmony with the raw materials and can also be used as a dressing.

Origin and quality of our ingredients

Every raw material that we carefully choose for our preserves Segreti di Sicilia speaks of a well defined territory, of a biodiversity for which the world envies us. This ranges from pistachios to almonds, from the Nero Siciliano pig to tomatoes, from wild fennel to our olives and the apricots in our backyard.

A big part of the produce comes from biological agriculture, grown on the fields around our olive plantations, in the heart of the Iblean Mountains, a magic place where nature still prevails. What we cannot grow ourselves we obtain from our trusted net of small farmers that work the land with old fashioned passion and respect.

The production process

We transform these genuine raw materials in our modern preservation facility using machinery of the latest generation. The cooking and conservation technology follows the original recipes closely while preserving all the organoleptic properties of the fresh ingredient and its main nutritional values.

Take the cooking process, for example: It is carried out as so called bolla di concentrazione, i.e. with low temperature and low pressure. This keeps the organoleptic qualities intact and does not degradate nutrients that are sensitive to heat. It also maintains perfume and color, to ensure that the preserved product has the same quality and freshness of the produce that has just been harvested. Thanks to the absence of preservatives and artificial colouring the final product is natural and authentic.