Our sustainable project

We have learned to observe, respect, listen to and interpret nature, to put our knowledge at its service and to transform the fruits that the earth gives us in an excellent way.

We never tire of experimenting: we are lucky enough to cultivate a land where olive trees have thrived in a natural habitat for millennia, and we treasure the cultivation techniques that have their roots in the island’s history. What's more, we are committed to doing it in an increasingly sustainable way.

Respect for

We manage our agricultural activities respecting biodiversity and safeguarding the stability of agrosystems. In fact, we cultivate organically, we do not support intensive agriculture and we mainly produce from traditional olive groves and centuries-old trees. We prefer native cultivar that are less productive but capable of producing very high-quality oils.

In our olive groves, there are also spontaneous tree species such as carob, almond, oak and poplar trees which contribute to keeping our agro-ecosystem healthy.

The reuse of waste

Oil production involves processing and reusing waste, such as the leaves that remain after the olive defoliation processes, the pomace, the pits and the vegetation waters. We use these production residues as fuel, fertilizer, food supplements,and  supplementation for animal feed and biomass.

Resource efficiency

We have put in place a water purification system using biologically activated sludge. We collect rainwater to be reused for irrigation. We have also eliminated water waste in the production process.

Our oil extraction lines are designed in two phases, i.e. they produce oily must and pomace without any addition of water.

95% of the energy we use and consume for production comes from renewable sources such as biomass, heating, solar and photovoltaic systems.

Our fleet is entirely electric. It is made up of forklifts and pallet trucks equipped with batteries that we recharge internally in-house with the electricity produced by our photovoltaic system.

We also internally produce the nitrogen necessary for the correct conservation of the oil with an internal nitrogen generator.

Support for the local community

We only promote suppliers able to supply high-quality local raw materials grown under organic farming. And above all, we support small producers: we maintain an intrinsic bond with the local community made up of olive growers and small producers who give our mills the best of their productions, emphasizing sustainable development as well as creating added value for the area.

We often collaborate with non-profit associations by supporting environmental protection activities aimed at protecting the territory such as reforestation projects and voluntary waste collection initiatives.