The Sicilian age, between history and innovation

A history spanning over a century,  more than 700 awards, and a distribution network of over 50 countries around the world and the dream remains the same: celebrate the greatness of our land by producing the best possible olive oil.

Over 2,000 clients in more than 50 countries around the world

Our award-winning olive oil accompanies the dishes of some of the most successful chefs and ambitious restaurateurs. It is chosen, just like our preserves, from the best gourmet stores in the world. 

Six generations of growing and producing olive oil

We produce certified extra virgin olive oil (Organic, PGI SICILY, DOP Hyblaean Mountains) only from native varieties in Sicily, where the olive tree has been cultivated for over 3000 years. The centuries, along with man's wisdom, have selected the best cultivars. We have been passing down tradition and the keys to success for over a century. With the use of technology and innovation, we have left our footprint at each step of the way.

Organic olive oil,
between the Etna volcano and the Mediterranean Sea

We directly cultivate 150 hectares of olive groves in the southeastern part of the island, in the heart of the Iblei Mountains, between the majestic Etna volcano and the Mediterranean Sea. We do so by following a strict organic regime. We preserve an intrinsic link with the territory and its community, made up of olive growers and small local producers who give our mills the best of their products using the principles of sustainable development and added value.

Oil pressing pioneers

We have been and will continue to be pioneers in the research and development of new technologies pertaining to extraction thanks to the collaboration with Pieralisi, a leading company in the construction of oil machines. Today, our new oil mill is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced in the world.

A sustainable project

Our objective has always been to reduce the environmental impact and to preserve the environment by giving back to the land what it gives us. We reuse waste products as biofuel and fertilizer. 95% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources such as photovoltaic and solar thermal energy. Our new production plant has been entirely built with a green perspective in mind.

Italian oil excellence

We are proud to be part, with our Primo oil, of the Opera Olei consortium which brings together the experience and excellence of different areas of Italy devoted to olive production. We share with our partners the desire to convey, through our products, the culture of a territory and the ambition to produce an excellent oil following innovative practices. For example, harvesting the olives much earlier than previously done in the past translates to a lower yield of a much higher quality.

Sicily around the world

We are part of the Sicily Experience consortium, a network of companies in the food and wine sector that share a passion for quality and the goal of sharing Sicilian flavours and excellence. The network includes Sicilian companies that represent the pinnacle of its products, such as coffee, chocolate, wine, ancient grains, dairy products, cured meats and craft beers. All products are based on the search for quality and the combination of tradition and innovation.